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The Birmingham Fencing Club

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March 16 2006
@ 8:13 pm

heeey... haven't seen u ppl in a while. :)

this is really for the girls but whatever, i was just wondering... are we still doing team stuff? cuz i'm still interested... epee and foil btw. :)

December 9 2005
@ 1:22 am

first of all, good luck to hao and phoebe. :)

secondly, i'm gonna finally get some kind of layout for this thing so i need ur input. should i do club colors or different colors, and if u say different colors, what colors? also, should i put the club logo or a picture of ppl fencing? comment please so i can get this started! :)

November 16 2005
@ 1:16 am

Alright Im posting because it's 1:16 and Im still fucked because I have not started my DBQ. Yea, that's right.

Comment if you think Im hott. Or you think Im sexy. Or if you think Im gay( HAHAHA gotcha.) Man...I hope nobody I like reads this. But im not gay. Yep. straight. Straight as a line.

Oh yea, go fencing or some shit. Whoop-de-do.

October 19 2005
@ 9:02 pm

[ mood | content ]

So... who all's going to Chattanooga? And when ru leaving, where are u staying, and what r we gonna do for fun? :P

October 16 2005
@ 2:12 am

[ mood | crazy ]

Wooo... i definitely made this at 2 AM... but hey, it's still cool. So yeah, post what u want here. tournaments, get togethers, questions, rants, stuff about koalas... etc. go knock urself out. :)

oh, btw, there are two icons for this community so feel free to change between the two. :)

another thing... i'll change the background when i'm up at 2 AM another day....

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